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Poker Players Alliance to Hit Togel Hongkong Vegas During WSOP




I joined the Poker Players Alliance in 2006 at the WSOP. It was just starting out back then, and was created to assist poker players with unlawful or unethical situations they may encounter. The main issue at the time was professional players being compensated from poker organizations for using their likeness for profit.


Then the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act hit the industry, and the role of the PPA became more of a unifying force to help battle against the American government. This has put the organization at the forefront of the game’s battle in the U.S., and numbers have grown to over a million members this past year.


You can expect the organization to have a table set up at every WSOP. It’s the best gathering of poker players all year, with over 50,000 players and fans going through the Rio from May 30th to July 7th. If you’re not a member yet, go to the Poker Players Alliance website and check it out.


Every online poker room has some sort of WSOP satellite action, but some have gone to extremes this year. The two sites that have pumped up this promotion are Bodog and Full Tilt Poker. The Bodog poker room has been giving away multiple seats each week since February, and they’re currently awarding five seats per week. They have satellites for as low as $1.50 and other qualifiers are $7, $18, $27, $5.50 (plus tourney fee), and special qualifiers that use Bodog Points.


Full Tilt has offered $10M to any of their players that qualify for the WSOP main event and wins it. They are running hundreds of satellite tournaments each week, including the Race to the Main Event Giveaway, the 150-Seat Main Event Guarantee, the $200 Tuesday Main Event Guarantee, the $300 Wednesday Main Event Guarantee, the $1K Thursday Main Event Guarantee, and the $500 Sunday Main Event Guarantee.


Last week Team Bodog announced the newest addition to their poker team, Justin Bonomo. Justin is probably one of the best poker players out there but unfortunately is known for his multi accounting 2 years ago in Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker Tournaments. He has long since apologized for his actions.The 22 year old will now be on the team with Bodog members Evelyn Ng, Jean-Robert Bellande and David Williams representing the Bodog online poker room at televised tournaments around the world. His first tournament will be the 2008 WSOP in Las Vegas. Justin has already managed to add 14 final tables and 1.2 million dollars in career winnings to his live poker tournament resume.Personally I think that this is a great move for both Justing and Bodog as it will help his once destroyed reputation and turn his name into something positive. This is the time for the poker community to recognize him more than just a cheat. Players wishing to join Justin Bonomo at the 2008 WSOP can qualify online to play the $10,000 main event as a Team Bodog member.


Ayre Force is the first of its kind and just released graphic novel from Bodog. Based on real people this novel reveals the hidden activities and past of billionaire founder, Calvin Ayre, as he leads the covert operations unit composed of members from the Bodog team.


The Togel Hongkong poker pro’s include, Evelyn Ng, David Williams and Josh Arieh along with MMA fighters Tara LaRosa, Jorge Masvidal, Trevor Prangley and musicians Bif Naked, Jason Darr and Nazanin.


Calvin Ayre and his unit have been in a years-long war with pharmaceutical magnate Janus Winter, attacking the illegal operations of Wintercorp all over the globe. Now, Janus has upped the anti by unleashing his genetically-engineered, superhuman children on Calvin and his team, intending to end the war between Bodog and Wintercorp!


This graphic novel is defiantly action packed and lead by an outstanding creative team: Shawn Martinbrough, Adam Slutsky, Joseph Philip Illidge, Andrew Dalhouse and Marshall Dillon.


All materials used in the production and distribution of the novel are environmentally friendly and all proceeds from sales will be donated to support the Calvin Ayre Foundation.


According to actor Vince Vaughn, Cinco de Mayo was the perfect excuse to play a little poker — for a good cause, of course. E! Online reports that Vaughn celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the Velvet Margarita poker party in Hollywood Monday night. The buy-in was $120, with all proceeds going to the charity Friends of El Faro, which donates money to an orphanage in Mexico.


Reports E! Online, Vaughn and his friends sat at a private booth and enjoyed the bar’s signature margaritas. By the end of the night he had turned his attention to the blonde in the cute pony tail and cowboy hat. According to an eyewitness, “Vince seemed interested in her. He wanted her to stick around.” The two left the party together.


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Online Poker Rooms – The Advantages of Being Sponsored by One

May 6th, 2008

Having an online poker room as a poker sponsor is a huge advantage for any player. Having all or most of your tournament buy-ins covered for you would alleviate much of the pressure of being a tournament pro.


Poker room sponsorships seem to be as individual as the players. Specific terms are usually private, but most consist of tournament entries with little or no winnings going back to the poker room.


Beyond the financial advantages that being sponsored would provide, having one has become a badge of honor among players on the circuit. Having a sponsor means that you’re good enough for a company to spend tens of thousands of dollars on you. This adds an intimidation factor to a player’s game; it tells everyone at the table that you’re skilled and experienced. The only worry you could possibly have when you have a sponsor is having enough success to maintain that sponsorship into the future.





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