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The game of Blackjack (or 21) is a very simple game to play. Each player must make a bet in one of the positions (or boxes) marked on the table. The player then receives two cards initially which make up a “Hand”. These two cards are added together and the player decides whether to call for additional cards or stay with the ones already given.

The idea is to reach a total of 21 or as near to 21 as possible without exceeding 21, players may not take cards on any total of 21. If the players total exceeds 21, then that hand is lost (or “bust”) and the player will lose the bet. The Croupier will also take cards until a minimum total of 17 is reached. If the player’s total of a hand is higher than that of the Croupier – the player wins; if the total of the Croupier’s cards is higher than that of the player – the Croupier wins. If the total of both the player and the Croupier is the same – nobody wins or loses. For the purposes of counting the totals, all cards are counted at face value, with the exception of Aces, which may be counted as 1 or 11, except where a total of 21 can be achieved when an Ace will always count as 11. All picture cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) are counted as 10. A “Blackjack” consists of two cards only, an Ace and Ten-value card, and counts as 21. Blackjack can only be obtained on the fist two cards given to any box, and is paid at odds of 3 to 2. All other winning hands are paid Even Money (1 to 1). Blackjack beats all other hands except another Blackjack, which would be a “Stand-off” nobody wins. nobody loses. The players quickly become confident in playing this game and soon become a little more adventurous! Try the following additional bets and at once the game becomes even more interesting.


DOUBLING DOWN A player may DOUBLE DOWN with the first two cards of any value except Blackjack or 21. To do this, a player must make an additional bet equal to the initial bet and will receive only one more card – whatever the value! Double the bet and double the payout!


SPLITTING If the players fist two cards are of the same value, i.e. two tens, two fives, two threes, etc. then such hands may be “split” to make two separate hands. In this case, the player must make an additional bet equal to the initial bet. Having split the cards, the Croupier will give an extra card to the 1 st split card, in order to make a complete hand once again, after that hand has been completed, the procedure shall be repeated for the second card. Hands may be split no more then twice (creating three new hands) and a player may also DOUBLE DOWN after creating the new hand with the first two cards.


INSURANCE Aces when split will receive one more card on each Ace, but a second pair of Aces may be split once more. Please note that split Aces which are given cards of value 10, do not make Blackjack, but are counted only as21. If the Croupier is showing an Ace as the first card, all players at the table may make an additional bet, of up to half their original bet, on the place marked “Insurance”. This bet will win at odds of 2 to 1 if the Croupier makes a Blackjack, and lose if the Croupier makes any other total. A Togel Hongkong player who already has Blackjack will be offered Even Money (1 to 1) instead. However, if a player wishes to take a chance and the Croupier makes Blackjack, the result is a “stand-off” – nobody wins, nobody loses. Maximum and minimum bets are clearly displayed at each table, and must be observed at all times.


SURRENDER A player may not wish to proceed with his hand if they suppose the dealer’s cards are very good. In this situation, the player may ask to surrender their hand, and receive half their original stake back. This can only be done before the player has taken a card on the hand. Please note that chips for all games may be purchased directly at the Cash Desk. Travellers Cheques are also accepted at the Exchange Desk situated in the Casino.





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