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Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2018 Edition – How to Use Social Media for Business



Learn Social Media Marketing in Plain English – Step by Step!

Buy the Book Used at Stanford Continuing Studies to Teach Social Media Marketing for business.

2018 EDITION – all info verified, and a NEW chapter on Instagram, plus revisions on LinkedIn

Read the Reviews – compare the REAL REVIEWS of this social media marketing book to the REVIEWS? of other books

Learn to Market Your Business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and all major Social Media Marketing platforms

Watch Videos – view step-by-step companion VIDEOS that SHOW you how to do SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Use the Worksheets – download WORKSHEETS and QUIZZES that guide you step-by-step to social media success.

Access Free Tools – access the companion SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TOOLBOOK with hundreds of free tools for social media marketing.

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The #1 Bestselling Workbook on Social Media Marketing for Business

Jason McDonald – written by a successful practitioner of SMM. Check Jason out on YouTube, or download his free Social Media Marketing Toolbook

Stanford University – used by Dr. McDonald in his courses, both online and on campus, at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies

Got Questions? – just Google ‘Jason McDonald’ and send a quick email or call.

The author, Jason McDonald, has instructed thousands of people in his classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Stanford Continuing Studies, as well as online. He uses this social media book as THE workbook for each class.

Table of Contents

Social Media Marketing – an overview to social media marketing at a conceptual level.

Content Marketing – how to conceptualize the type of content you need for your social media marketing efforts and build a content production machine.

Facebook – how to market your business on Facebook including some basic principles of Facebook advertising.

LinkedIn – how to use the world’s largest B2b network for your business, including advertising opportunities.

Twitter – an explanation of whether you should tweet, and if you do, how to use Twitter effectively for business marketing.

Instagram – how Instagram is like Twitter with pictures, how to market on Instagram, and even a very brief comparison of Instagram to Snapchat.

YouTube – a deep dive into the business side of YouTube, often hidden behind cat videos and Rihanna or Miley Cyrus gyrations gone viral.

Pinterest – the most effective social media for eCommerce stores and retailers, do-it-yourselfers, and those serving the female shopping demographic such as wedding photographers.

Yelp, Google My Business, and Reviews – how to use Yelp, Google My Business (formerly Google+), and other review sites to promote your business via reviews.

Epilogue – the “new” new kids on the block: Snapchat, Tumblr, Amazon, etc.

Note: due to its practical, step-by-step nature, this social media marketing book is an excellent companion with books such as Social Media for Dummies, Social Media Marketing in a Day, Social Media Marketing for Dummies, The Art of Social Media (Guy Kawasaki), Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology (Adam Alter), and Chaos Monkeys (Antonio Garcia Marquez). The Social Media Marketing Workbook is listed on many lists of the best social media marketing books of 2018.



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