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Online Casino Singapore of the month – Aladdins Gold Casino




Gaming results are 100% random


As all the games depend on random number generators, each game is a seperate gambling event. You can even win a jackpot twice in a row if your are lucky – the games have no memory.


The RNG technology at the casino utilises the very latest technology to generate an extremely high speed stream of random numbers, with the numbers used to generate your game result determined at the precise moment you press the play button.


Aladdin’s Gold Casino – Unlimited Deposit Offer


Online since 2004.

Some of the great games at Aladdins Gold Casino:


Alladins Gold Games


This fully licensed casino features some solid casino games including some great new progressive slots, which we really enjoyed playing.

Check out the colorful Viva Pinatas game with its repeating bonus feature.

The Jackpot can rise to over a million dollars.

Another popular games is the T-REX game – try to get a screen full of hatching dinosaur eggs in this Jurassic Park style videoslot.


New players can check out the games and take advantage of the casino bonus offer of up to $777, depending on the initial amount deposited. Wagering conditions apply.

The bonus free chips are added to your account with your first deposit.

Again this is for NEW PLAYERS ONLY.


Highest Security.

High security is always a concern online, especially for casino sites.

Aladdins Gold Casino has been operation for over 10 years and was one of the very first major online casinos.

It has built up a solid reputatation for being and honest and well run establishment with high ‘vegas standad’ payout rates. This means the payouts equal or better those found in a ‘real’ casino. The software used is from RTG which is one of the biggest third party suppliers of gaming software. The gaming results are determined using third party indepenent servers, which operate a random number generator, controlling the payout percentages.

RTG gaming software insists its partners must meet very high standards, and the payouts are reviewed and verified each month by one of the worlds largest accounting firms. Everything is very open and transparent.


Also, a complete audit trail is logged for each individual transaction for any game that you play. Your sessions gaming results are available online for players to check.


Extremely High Payout rates.

It is the casino’s policy to retain regular customers by offering some of the highest percentage payout rates, on the internet.


Casino Journal reports indeed show that Aladdins Gold Casino consistently delivered one of the highest payouts online last year:


2012 payouts for Aladdins Gold Online Casino Singapore averaging at 95-99%

(Some games have slightly higher odds than others, with blackjack being the top payout performer). Blackjack has a tiny house edge of only 0.4%


Blackjack offers some fast smooth play with several versions of the blackjack game available, including a progressive jackpot side-bet option.






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