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Cybergambling Tip of the Week: Singapore Online Casino Gambling Checklist


Over the course of the past three years I’ve accumulated a list of do’s and don’ts mostbet for the process of registering to gamble online. It’s mostly common sense, but even for those with lots of experience, it never hurts to have a handy checklist for quick reference.


With that in mind, I’ll very smoothly glide into the first item on the list. All legitimate online mostbet gambling services – casinos, sportsbooks, lotteries, and so on – post somewhere online a detailed page outlining their policies. For the player, it’s somewhat of a formality; for the operators of the site, it’s a necessary means of covering their butts.


But it’s always a good idea to give the rules page a scan. Most importantly, make sure they have a viable process for dispute resolution. Naturally, their policy will protect the them, but it’s in your best interest that it doesn’t leave you high and dry.


The next two tips are to be considered during the registration process. The first is making sure that the pages at which you supply bank account or credit card information are encrypted. You’ll very rarely come across a site that doesn’t handle this transaction of information on a secure server, but they do exist.


Most online consumers are aware of this important step, but many of us have grown so accustomed to e-commerce sites being secure that we forget to check.


For those who don’t know how to check whether the credit card page is secure, it’s easy and quite painless. In Netscape, look to the bottom left corner of your Web browser and notice the little padlock icon. If it’s locked, you’re on an encrypted page; if it’s unlocked, you’re not on an encrypted page and any information you submit can be very easily be viewed by others. Another way to access information on the security status of a page in Netscape is to click the “Security” button on the navigation toolbar.


In Microsoft Internet Explorer, a lock will appear on the bottom taskbar if the page is encrypted; otherwise it is not. [The prefix for the web page will also change from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’, regardless of the browser.]


Finally, I offer a tip of less importance in terms of immediate Singapore Online Casino consumer safety, but a very useful piece of advice nonetheless–and this goes for anytime you submit an online form: Always look for those little check boxes next to statements to the likes of “Please keep me informed, blah, blah, blah. . . ” By checking this box, you’re likely submitting yourself to a lot of junk mail, or as we call it in the electronic communications world, spam.


Oftentimes, online forms default to the box being checked, meaning that overlooking the statement, depending on how the statement reads, could automatically make your e-mail address accessible to people who want to sell you stuff.


And in the name of shameless self promotion, the entire checklist, along with a number of other consumer tips for online gambling, is available in my book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Gambling.” It can be purchased at





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