keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders August 22nd

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another keluar sgp Leaderboard update. Three weeks have gone by in August and the monthly leaderboard race is  intense as players rush to get as many points as possible during these last couple of weeks. There are big prizes up for grabs – to see what the players are racing for, please click here.


First things first – here were the weekly leaderboard winners from last week:


  1. Swany420 – 1633 pts
  2. TonySoprano – 1542 pts
  3. nevertilt22 – 1530 pts


Congratulations to Swany420 for winning the weekly leaderboard and the chance to play a Bodog pro for $1,000. He possessed the top spot just one day this past week, and it was at the right time – the end of the week. On the very last day of the week, he rose from 3rd to 1st place, passing both manderbutt and ParliGod. manderbutt fell from 1st to 4th on the last day, and ParliGod fell from 2nd to 5th. TonySoprano made up the most ground at the end of the week, rising from 9th place to 2nd.


Here is the top ten for the weekly leaderboard from this week so far:


  1. Panicked – 1461 pts
  2. ParliGod – 1411 pts
  3. vinnyb9 – 1205 pts
  4. Balla686 – 1201 pts
  5. TheMicrowave – 1106 pts
  6. Troy111 – 1070 pts
  7. gotzballz – 1045 pts
  8. The Maven – 1011 pts
  9. pplayer13 – 955 pts
  10. Pdiddy100 – 918 pts


Panicked is in first place right now with 1461 points. He is no stranger to the weekly leaderboard – he won first place back in May. He has a very narrow lead over second place ParliGod. ParliGod will try not to slip this week and hopefully he will be able to stay in the top three …

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DOJ Claims Full Tilt Was Ponzi Scheme: Lederer, Ferguson, Bitar Face Charges


Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, on Tuesday, called Full Tilt Poker “a massive keluar sgp scheme against its own players.” The Department of Justice is now amending the legal papers of Black Friday to include new charges specifically targeting Full Tilt Poker and its owners.

This amendment charges three new defendants with money laundering: Full Tilt Poker board members, Howard Lederer, Jesus Ferguson, Rafael Furst, along with the previously charged, CEO Ray Bitar. It’s unclear if jail time could be in their future, but if convicted of money laundering, these four owners of Full Tilt, and possibly others, will be forced to personally pay out penalties ranging from $12M to $42M.


In this new amendment, the Department of Justice claims “Full Tilt Poker used player funds, among other things, to maintain a steady flow of payment to its owners, totally more than $443 Million over the last four years, despite the fact that Full Tilt Poker did not have sufficient funds to repay its players.”


According to the DOJ, by March 31 Full Tilt Poker owed $390 million to poker players around the world, including $150 million to Full Tilt players in the United States, but only had $60 Million in their bank accounts. According to these charges, not only were player funds not safe, but over 85% of player funds were spent on operating expenses or paid out to the owners in the form of exorbitant monthly paychecks. If these allegations are true, then Full Tilt has nowhere near enough to pay out its players who deposited money online and have been unable to make withdrawals since April 2011.


US attorney Preet Bharara came down hard on Full Tilt Poker Tuesday. Bharara said, “Full Tilt insiders lined their own pockets with funds picked from the …

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Microgaming Adding Live Dealers to togel hongkong hari ini

Online casinos try their best to recreate the experience of gambling at a brick and mortar casino. They are often successful, as their popularity indicates. One thing that is missing, however, is playing against a live dealer. With online togel hongkong hari ini , instead of having your cards dealt by a real dealer, the cards are normally chosen by a random number generator, a computer program that uses a complex algorithm to determine which cards are dealt.


To some, that is fine. To others, there is something missing when your cards are chosen by a machine rather than shuffled and dealt by a real person. Maybe it makes the game seem more impersonal. I’m not sure, because I’ve always been fine with not having a real dealer when playing blackjack online. Some people find a live dealer to be more trustworthy than a computer program, fearing that the program is manipulating the game to give the house a larger edge. For some, it’s more personal. Some people, on the other hand, have always missed looking at a real-life dealer across from the table.


Microgaming is now offering just that. Many of Microgaming’s online casinos now offer blackjack with live dealers. Instead of using a random number generator, players look at a video feed of a real dealer at a real blackjack table dealing their cards. To access the live dealers, players join the Waiting List, which notifies them no matter where they are in the casino to inform them that a live dealer is available to play.


This is the first time Microgaming has offered live dealers for blackjack, though they had already offered live dealers for roulette and baccarat. To play blackjack with a live dealer, check one of Microgaming’s online casinos today.


Blackjack …

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Review of Tournament Poker for Advanced Players

The poker playing public’s appetite for bigger and higher-stakes poker tournaments seems almost insatiable. As these events have become more popular, several authors have taken a crack at writing the definitive book about tournament poker, and to date, none have excelled in this task. Now David Sklansky, a supremely talented poker writer, makes his attempt to tackle this topic.


As this is part of Two Plus Two’s “for Advanced Players” series, the reader is assumed to be familiar with basic poker tournament protocol and understand how to play ring game (non-tournament) poker well. While some introductory information is still included, it is kept brief. Less experienced players would be well advised to read books such as Texas Holdem for Advanced Players and a more introductory tournament book, such as Poker Tournament Strategies.


After the introduction, Sklansky starts with new material, including an explanation of an important principle he calls “The Gap Concept”. Simply stated, in a tight game it is often correct to fold hands to a raise that a player would have raised with if nobody had already raised before it was the player’s turn to act. While this principle has been written about before and will certainly be familiar to any winning mid-limit poker player, this is the best explanation of this phenomenon, why it occurs, and how to use it to advantage. It is especially important here, because Slot Gacor poker tournaments tend to feature tighter play than ring games.


Sklansky then moves on to discuss some general tournament ideas, including how to adjust one’s play at various levels of a tournament, how players might adjust their play depending on when or whether their table will be broken up, and playing (and playing against) short stacks versus large stacks. Some of this advice has …

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